Olive Robotics

2023 06 Olive Robotics

Olive Robotics' mission is to democratize access to robotics by addressing the challenge of interoperability head-on. We strive to lower the barriers and make advanced robotics technology accessible to all, from seasoned professionals to students learning about robotics. We aim to accomplish this through our innovative offering - a versatile, plug-and-play, software-defined robotics hardware.

Founding Challenges

We're focused on making our product easy for developers to use, combining top-notch performance with cost-effectiveness, and building trust within the industry. We're working on understanding the rules, planning for worldwide growth after testing and improving our initial product, and always staying ahead with the latest in robotics. Plus, a significant challenge is raising the first round of investment for these efforts.

How the Venture Labs help us

The TUM Venture Lab Robotics is a powerhouse of support for us, offering everything from infrastructure, state-of-the-art tools for prototyping and pilot product development, to event organization and industry partner engagement. Their holistic approach truly propels our progress at Olive Robotics.

Advice for founders

Team up with the ones who share the same passion with you and design products mindfully from day one; avoid prototypes destined for the bin. Every step impacts scalability.