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What Plan4better offers

Plan4Better stands for sustainable and efficient urban and transport planning. Through our planning tool GOAT (Geo Open Accessibility Tool), we promote walking, cycling and public transport, enabling the transformation towards a 15-minute city. Our vision is livable cities and regions that focus on active mobility concepts, connected neighborhoods, and good accessibility to key destinations.

GOAT was developed from science as a cloud-based planning software, which is operated via an interactive web map. GOAT enables planners to easily analyze the current situation and to quickly evaluate new concepts and projects, such as the construction of new infrastructure or facilities (e.g. kindergarten, supermarket). This is achieved through the processing of complex spatial data, which is integrated in GOAT. This not only increases efficiency, but the fact-based analyses also support decision-making and investment processes that were often subjective in the past.

How we helped plan4better

  • Mentoring & Coaching: Workshops and coaching for our corporate identity & early stage business design
  • Outreach: We invited the team to many networking events to connect with experts, pilot customers and supporters.
  • Infrastructure: Usage of single startup office and co-working space

Today, we work closely with the plan4better team to make their knowledge accessible to the next generation of start-ups.