Sypox Plant


Decarbonize the Chemical Industry not at a Cost, but at a Gain!

Electrification is at once the most underused and the most powerful tool to decarbonize the chemical industry today. Electricity as a process heat source allows operators to slash plant emissions, increase profits, and eliminate safety hazards of burners. By bringing electricity directly to the reaction zone, we supply high-temperature reactions with energy up to 1200°C with an unheard-of 95% energy efficiency.

Founding Challenges

We gained many important contacts through the TUM Venture Labs and its associates, which proved crucial for our business and technological development. As cliché as it sounds, having an extensive network is one of the biggest challenges coming up, and here the Venture Labs were extremely valuable.

Advice for founders

What helped us the most is

  •  understand everything about your technology as well as you possibly can, even if it does not seem immediately relevant
  • having a motivated team and a clear structure of responsibilities
  • network, talk to everybody, and listen carefully to what people say