AI Microclasses

You want to know how you could master generative AI like a pro? Join our AI Microclasses in March 2024!
TUM, Bildungscampus, Heilbronn
Website Publishing

Each of the six Microclasses is a one-day workshop that will teach you the applications of AI. The Microclasses are targeting students and professionals. For those who have a startup idea, we will teach you how to use Generative AI Tools to create a prototype that you can test with your users. If you don’t have a startup idea, you can still join as we will teach you how to use Generative AI Tools to automate tasks for your course work, assignments, projects or for your daily work. At the end of these workshops, you will be able to automate your recurring work and build products with AI. No prior knowledge and no coding skills are required. The offer is free. Enjoy a great time in Heilbronn, meet new people and develop your own prototype! Please note that the spaces are limited: sign up quickly!

Here is an overview of all the topics you will learn about:

  • 07.03.: How to master using ChatGPT
  • 08.03.: How to generate your brand & website visuals using Midjourney
  • 11.03.: How do AI apps work & how to prototype fast
  • 14.03.: How to build Generative AI Apps with LangChain
  • 18.03. How to deploy AI apps
  • 21.03.: Advanced topics in Generative AI

Each Microclass will take place from 9 am to 5 pm and will be held in English.

To get the most out of the microclasses, we recommend that you take part in all course days.