TUM Sustainability Day 2024

We Walk The Talk
Boltzmannstraße 15, 85748 Garching

Designed as a "Sustainability Festival", TUM the Sustainability Day is for everyone: students, researchers, professors and professionals. Only together, we can shape the sustainable development of our university. Presented by the TUM Sustainability Office and the TUM Venture Labs.

8 out of 12 of our labs will be at the festival, alongside start-ups from our ecosystem showcasing the latest innovations.

To all 3D printing enthusiasts - Our special!

Bring your PLA scraps to the Additive Manufacturing Lab on this day to take action and learn how recycling can change the additive manufacturing landscape! Scrap doesn't need to be sorted by colour, just make sure it's all PLA.  Let's fill those recycling bins!

Find us at courtyard 4, H4-10.

Event Agenda

Our Impulse Sessions

Our booths

Map for the festival will be shared soon.