Clean Tech Microclass - Alternative Proteins

Get ready to dive deep into the challenges and opportunities in CleanTech - Alternative Proteins, from the changemakers themselves.
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Shifting towards alternative proteins: The untapped climate opportunity goes along with big changes and challenges. How to approach them?

The pervasive environmental challenges we face today require a shift towards clean technologies. Explore the role of alternative proteins in advancing clean food technology through informative presentations and interactive brainstorming sessions. Together we will raise awareness of the problems we face and brainstorm ideas and solutions. The development of alternative proteins is an emerging approach to existing animal agriculture, providing a sustainable and environmentally friendly food supply for humanity. Alternative proteins, such as cultured meat, plant-based proteins or proteins produced through precision fermentation, play a crucial role in reducing the environmental footprint of food production. They help to minimise greenhouse gas emissions, conserve water resources and reduce land degradation associated with conventional livestock farming. To find out more, join this CleanTech microclass on alternative proteins!


TUM Venture Lab Food / Agro / Biotech is collaborating with the student group “Future Foods”. They aim to explore the innovative fields of alternative proteins, specifically precision fermentation and cultured meat to educate and excite students about these future food technologies.


1. CleanTech in Alternative Proteins Development for Impact

2. Alternative Proteins: Challenges and Oppportunities

3. Get inspired. This is how changemakers are doing it!