Clean Tech Microclass - The Problem of Electronic Waste

Join us for a quick session on the growing issue of electronic waste in the CleanTech industry on June 26th!
Wednesday, June 26, 2024 · 5:30 PM
Theresienstraße 90
Recycling 1450x1450 1

We will dive deep into the space, challenges and opportunities that exist today with experts and how the first movers are changing the game having a positive impact.

Get ready to get inspired and explore for solutions yourself!

In this session, we will take an in-depth look at the current state of e-waste, exploring both existing solutions and the challenges the industry faces today.

We'll take a look at how innovative technologies, including additive manufacturing, have the potential to transform e-waste management. Through real-world examples, you will discover how these innovations can make a significant impact!

A perfect event for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of sustainability and take actionable steps towards a greener future.

The event will take place at the TUM Stammgelände N 1190 – Lecture Hall Hans-Heinrich-Meinke (TUM Room finder)



Ina Jade Seng | BSH Hausgeräte - Linkedin

Ina Jade Seng is a design strategist with 20+ years of experience leading innovation teams to shape the future of products and services. Having worked for telecommunications, medical, mobility and energy sectors, she brings profound consumer electronics expertise. For the past 7 years at B/S/H Home Appliances, Ina has driven circular innovations and sustainable strategies as Product Owner of Sustainability.


Nick-Marlon Loth | TUM Venture Labs - Linkedin

Currentl Chapter Lead for Sustainable and Resilient Manufacturing , Nick Loth is a industrial additive manufacturing spetialist. He enable clients from various industries to leverage the full potential of 3D printing.


1. The Electronic Waste Problem: Challenges and Opportunities

2. Workshop: get creative and look for solutions yourself!

3. Networking session