Team Vaeridion

What we offer

The microliner is designed for perfect aerodynamics and maximum energy efficiency. This allows high ranges to be achieved with available battery and propulsion technology. VÆRIDION's microliner enables connections between numerous existing regional airfields.

Founding Challenges

Finding the right team was one of the biggest challenges for us. We intended to choose people whose distinct knowledge and experience would fuel our product and mission. After assembling the initial team, the question of where we want to test our demonstrator emerged. And so, our collaboration with Venture Lab began.

How VL helped us

Our collaboration with Venture Lab began in May 2023. We were looking for lab space while working on our first technology demonstrator. TUM Venture Lab provided us with the protospace and workshop spaces. They also helped us obtain software licenses, individually tailored to our needs.

Advice for Founders

The biggest factor for success or failure is within the team. The Venture Lab offers you lots of chances to network with top-notch scientific experts and entrepreneurs through their events and community. They support and guide you during mentorship sessions to help you develop your idea further